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It was my Mum’s B’day recently and I decided to cook her a special lunch.I made some hors d’oeuvres and for main I made Chicken roulade, pommes noisette, confit carrot and beans and for dessert I made Chocolate pave, raspberry coulis and mascarpone chantilly. So Yummo


I figured I would broaden my horizons and try cooking something Mexican. I quite like Mexican, but have never made anything other than something out of an El Paso box! I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt 🙂 I even made my own tortillas, so its all from scratch!


We braved the subzero temps and drove past frozen ponds and waterfalls to check out the Great Wall. Was a fantastic clear day and hardly any people about. I guess because its their new year and its bloody freezing! On the way back our guide took us to a deserted restaurant where we quickly parted […]


It seems we can’t escape McDonalds! Although, given where we were I was kind of happy to spot the golden arches! The menu was a bit smaller than ours, the only things the same were big mac, double cheese burger, chicken nuggets, fillet o fish. The rest was different, a couple of chicken & rice […]


I can’t tell you how much I enjoy using my wood fired pizza oven. It takes quite a bit of effort to get it up and going, but boy is it worth it.I like the quite time outside working away to get it going and there is such a sense of accomplishment when you can […]


I love making Gingerbread men and I only do it one time of the year!



Made these yummy pot stickers this evening. Sorry, forgot to take an after shot!


I got a new pasta machine today and I used it. First up success I think. Check out the link to my recipe. http://www.yummo.com.au/recipe/my-tortellini-di-zucca/


Well, the day has finally come, launch day… Launch day for what? My team and I have been secretly working away on this project for 3 years now. It’s called Yummo. You can see it at yummo.com.au What is it? It’s a web site built upon a large food product database. We’ve developed a number […]


Went shopping with Ant today & stopped into the kitchen shop. Ant bought this. Seriously who thinks one needs a banana container? And what is the fork for? Apparently another kid at school has one! A bargain at $3.50

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