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My sister-in-law gave me a cool little butter churner for Christmas and what do you know, it works!


Just finished my first batch of Gingerbread men for the Christmas season 🙂 Check out my recipe here: Little Gingies



We felt like a naughty little treat today, so I made churros! We dipped them in warm chocolate and cream 🙂


I made these cupcakes for Ant’s prac teacher. All the kids have loved having her in class. They don’t look too special, but boy do they taste great!They are moist chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream, and I use real raspberries!



Ever purchased a Zumbo cake? They look so enticing…I bought this one today and whilst it looked lovely I was quite disappointed in the taste. $11 for a single serve, I think is a bit rich when it doesn’t have a knock out taste.I think it was called V8 Apple…


I had some leftover roast lamb (cooked a leg yesterday), so I decided to make some mini shepherds pies.I just put some store bought puff in a muffin tray, made a gravy and added it to the meat and voila! I then made a really buttery mash to top. So Yummo!


Doesn’t look like much, but wow, tastes so delicious! Made it tonight for dessert.


I am such a mess maker, look at what I did on my bench. The result was some lovely pasta with burnt sage butter. I forgot to take a photo of that, doh!


Is this the beginning of something great? I think so!Our local supermarket has just started to bring fresh caught fish up from the coast every Thursday. The fisherman who caught it even serves you! I got some flat head and lightly battered and fried it. So simple, and so yummo!


Mmmm, just out of the oven. So easy to make.

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