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How much do I love gozleme…heaps! Yummo!


These are just out of the oven. Yummo! Check out the recipe below.


So this year I couldn’t drive myself and the Ant up to Sydney for our annual pre-Christmas pilgrimage, so hubby came to the rescue, yay!No trip is complete without a visit to Haigh’s in QVB. If you’ve never had their chocolate you haven’t lived!


omg, how good is this, my fav pasta recipe. Made it tonight, check it out…


OMG Yummo! Does it get any better than this?


What a fantabulous lunch we had today! I was especially impressed with the desserts. I have absolutely no recollection of the names (probably a little too much vino 😉 ) Don’t they look pretty? Yummo!


Love this cake shop, look at these yummy cakes! They were a little exy, but they were Yummo!


How lucky are we to be dining al fresco in my parents garden! Just setting up now…

…in case you don’t know, the red devil is my new Kitchen Aid Stand mixer, and yes, its red!! I made a pav, and OMG it turned out amaaaazing! Check it out. I also have a recipe here:


These are soooo easy and taste Yummo! These are a breeze. I just buy the tortillas that have no nasty additives, just plain old flour, water, oil, salt. All I do is give them a light spray with a good olive oil in a can, then I sprinkle on various herbs and spices. My fav […]

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