Shopping list debacle…

Why is it that every time I go grocery shopping I can never easily fit the purchases into the fridge. What is wrong with me, am I so stupid as not to know how big my fridge is and what is already occupying the shelves???

Its a mystery, something comes across me when I’m pushing that trolley eyeing all the produce as I walk by. I see something and think – yeah, that will be nice for dinner. I do this many times along the journey, not noticing that I have collected way too many ‘dinners’ for the week.

I get home and ‘shock, horror’, not enough space in the fridge. As luck would have it, I find numerous Tupperware containers with assorted ‘furry goodies’ inside…great, here comes the space I need. Here comes the hard part, I open the lids one by one, trying not to look at the contents while depositing it in the bin. A quick rinse and into the dishwasher they go.

The pantry is the next stop and would you believe it, I’ve already got some of the items I’ve purchased!! I know that lists are good things, but for some reason I just can’t stick to them. People with dodgy memories should certainly use lists, but me, no, I’m a fly-by-the-seat of my pants kinda girl. I am so rebellious, I take the list and even ignore some of the items on it. My husband can’t really understand why I have forgotten to get him that 2L of custard…

Looking in my pantry it really is shocking… Shocking that I should have so much for a family of 5 (3 humans and 2 cats). When I look at this and reflect, I recall my Nan’s little cupboard in her kitchen that would have been no larger than 40cm x 50cm and maybe 30cm deep. She fed 6 kids from that cupboard, a fridge and a stand beside the stove that housed the root vegetables. The fridge was never full to capacity (except at Christmas) and there was never much in the freezer. Yet, everyone ate, including me in the next generation of children to frequent her kitchen.

How did she do it, you wonder? She went to the shops every day. Life was a lot different back then, Pop went to work and Nan stayed at home. With so many kids, they didn’t have a lot, but life was simpler and Nan cooked fresh food that she picked up from the shop every day. The trip to Turvey Tops – that’s what it was called, was her social outing each day. It was more about socialising than grabbing some food for dinner. Everyone knew her and the short trip might take a few hours by the time she stopped and talked to everyone. How the social fabric has changed…I’m digressing here.

Tip for the day – don’t go shopping on an empty stomach

(I still can’t advocate the list, how boring would life be if we always followed lists…)

By Alisononthego
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