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Just setting up in the kitchen…I’ve finally got one! Yay, thanks hubby for my awesome Chrissy pressie.

…in case you don’t know, the red devil is my new Kitchen Aid Stand mixer, and yes, its red!! I made a pav, and OMG it turned out amaaaazing! Check it out. I also have a recipe here:


These are soooo easy and taste Yummo! These are a breeze. I just buy the tortillas that have no nasty additives, just plain old flour, water, oil, salt. All I do is give them a light spray with a good olive oil in a can, then I sprinkle on various herbs and spices. My fav […]


Well I have no idea why I didn’t get one of these years ago! OMG, how easy is it to control the temp and get a fantastic result. One can’t cook in one of these babies every day, but wow, how great are they!? I’ve got some home made ‘Kentucky’ nuggets in there…


These were so yummy, but really a little labour intensive relative to the time it takes to consume them! I got the recipe from The Road to Loving my Thermomix. So many good recipes on there 🙂


My first attempt at bread rolls. I think its pretty damn good!


Well last night we decided to order some Chinese home delivery, problem was, it never came! We ended up eating cereal for dinner!Anyway, I didn’t get my fix, so I ended up making my own today!


So Dad is visiting and he bought over some freshly caught Rainbow Trout. His neighbour had just come back from fishing so gave him these 2 little beauties.They tasted amazing, just cooked whole in a baking dish.When they hit the table Ant says ‘Mum, I love this barramundi’ – Mate, its not barra!I guess he […]


These are so Yummo!A little bit of work as I make my own tortillas, but boy is it worth it!

Lindt Cafe

My site is all about food obviously, but today I just wanted to be thankful for what we have and that we are healthy and well.We always do pre Christmas shopping in Sydney and we have our routine, its pretty much the same every year. We park at QVB get a Santa photo and then […]

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