Hockey Pucks to Scones & Jam

This morning I arose from my slumber at around 8am to Ant yelling out that it was morning and time to get up…thanks Ant. Soccer is usually on Sunday mornings at 9.30am, but this morning I decided it was not a ‘Soccer Day’. I am not going to go out when its -5.3 degrees so that my 3 year old can freeze. They don’t play a real game, its just a skills thing. There will be many more freezing mornings I have to endure in the future when he is in an actual team, its just not that important when you’re 3.

For some reason I decided that I’d make scones. Don’t ask me why this suddenly came upon me, as I have no idea, who knows my brain works…certainly not me!

I have only made scones once before and well, what can I say, they would have made pretty good ice hockey pucks. That attempt had to be maybe 7 years ago. I haven’t been game to try them again until now. Why such the long wait you ask? Well, if you know me, I don’t like doing things unless I do them very well. It sounds stupid I know, practise makes perfect right? For some reason I just don’t like the practise! I get disappointed when something comes out bad, I think I just like to protect myself from the agony of it all! I can now see this trait in my son. He has got some great genes from both his father and I, but he’s got some of the bad ones too…pity we couldn’t choose which ones to hand down to him…I digress…

Getting back to it, I figure I’ve got to keep giving things a go, and if it turns out I’m just a crappy cook, then so be it. I’ve got to show my son that one must give something a real go before throwing in the towel. My Nan used to make wonderful scones, and my Mum is a great scone cook too, surely I must have the ‘scone gene’.

I probably should have called Mum and asked for her recipe, but I wanted to get going on the baking and I didn’t want to wait until it was a decent hour to call. I grabbed the iPad and Googled  away. There were soooo many scone recipes, I really didn’t know where to begin. I settled for ‘Basic Scone Recipe’ from

It was basic, just 3 ingredients, butter, SR flour and milk. How could I go wrong. Now, I felt that the recipe instructions were a little light on, and I recall people talking about overworking the dough. So, I looked through a few other recipes and decided that I would include some of their tips in the process – made sure the butter and milk were at room temp before starting and tried so very hard not to overwork the dough.

Here is the result…

They aren’t going to win the CWA gold cup, but they were edible. I think I have even learnt something for next time, I reckon if I added just a bit more milk they would have been less crumbly on top. The jam and cream worked wonders to disguise all the little imperfections.

Tip for the day: Try, try and try again…one day it will work

By Alisononthego
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