Maccas in China

It seems we can’t escape McDonalds! Although, given where we were I was kind of happy to spot the golden arches!

The menu was a bit smaller than ours, the only things the same were big mac, double cheese burger, chicken nuggets, fillet o fish. The rest was different, a couple of chicken & rice dishes, a couple of green coloured wrap things, they had red bean pies¬†that looked like our apple pies. No happy meals, you hardly see kids anywhere here, I would have counted maybe a dozen so far. Uniforms looked quite formal, jacket with the Asian style collar, they look a lot like every other uniformed person here (police, guards, station attendants etc) I am glad they had a laminated menu with pictures we could point to! We’ll have to wait until Ant starts mandarin lessons next year to know what we’re ordering, apparently he is going to teach us!

By Alisononthego
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