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Thomas Cupcake

30 slightly dodgy looking cupcakes on their way to school…

Train Cake

So Ant insists we make a cake. OK I said, I’ll make a banana cake. Then he insists we have to decorate it and it must be a train cake… wait, what? How am I going to whip up a bloody train cake in a flash?! A compromise was found…grass and a rail track. I […]


Ant making pancakes. He couldn’t help but put his hands in, despite strong instruction to the contrary…


This morning I arose from my slumber at around 8am to Ant yelling out that it was morning and time to get up…thanks Ant. Soccer is usually on Sunday mornings at 9.30am, but this morning I decided it was not a ‘Soccer Day’. I am not going to go out when its -5.3 degrees so […]

Why is it that every time I go grocery shopping I can never easily fit the purchases into the fridge. What is wrong with me, am I so stupid as not to know how big my fridge is and what is already occupying the shelves??? Its a mystery, something comes across me when I’m pushing […]

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